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The history of Odisha's musical tradition goes back to the 2nd century B.C. as we have documentary records of histrionic arts (Gandharva Kala) explicitly reflected on the rock edicts of elephants caves (Hatigumpha) of king Maha megha vahana Kharavelain udaya giri hill at bhubaneswer.

The archaeological evidences, historical facts ,literary and documentary proofs, oral tradition handed down from generation to generation ,style of presentation grammatical and technical aspects prompt us to believe that 'odisha' is significantly one of the important stream of Indian classical music with a rich treasure of musical rendering s like Odishi,Chanda,Champu,Choutisha,Geet Govind, Bhajan, Janana etc.

Odishi music is the finest reconciliation of harmony with melody, which suffers no diminution of the essential quality of the classical music. The individualistic character of Odishi music makes every recital an interpretation and self-expression.

The pace of odishi music with its vibrated motion called Gumuk emanates flavor which marks its special entity .Odishi music has three main characteristics.

About Gurugi

Born on 1st February, 1953 at Kanpur, Po- Kamarda , Dist-Balesorein odissa. Sri Ramhari Daas Started initial training from his uncal Radhakrushna Das and undertook formal training from the illustrious odissi gurus, like pandit markandeya mohapatra, sangeet sudhakar Balakrushna Dash, Guru Gopal Chandra Panda and Bhikari Charan Bal in the odissi Vocal Department of Utkal Sangeed Mohavidyalaya, a premier Collage of Classical music and dance at Bhubaneswar .

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